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Welcome to Atlantis Comfort Systems!

Welcome to Atlantis Comfort Systems! Like our name says, Atlantis Comfort Systems is all about comfort. Our mission is to bring you the best residential and commercial heating and cooling systems in Rhode Island. We've been in business for over 10 years, but our team boasts over 30 years in the industry. We've quickly made a name for ourselves by offering superior customer service, the best energy-efficient HVAC systems, and affordable prices. We care about our customers and ensure they are given the best we have to offer. Below, we'll go over just a few of our many HVAC services. Contact us today to learn more!


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Residential HVAC Services

Heating and cooling are very important components of your home. After all, they are responsible for keeping you comfortable for all weather, especially during the extreme lows and the extreme highs. We offer furnace installation, heater repair, and heater maintenance, as well as air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance in Rhode Island. We specialize in energy efficient HVAC systems to both reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. We understand how nice it is to come home after a long day at work to a home that is comfortably cozy, warm or refreshingly cool. Contact Atlantis Comfort Systems for your home heating and cooling needs.


Commercial HVAC Services

Keeping your customers cool and warm is extremely important in terms of customer service and care. Oftentimes, customers won't frequent places that are too cold or too hot so being able to keep your commercial heating and cooling system an optimum temperature is critical for business success.

Atlantis Comfort Systems takes care of small and large-sized businesses' HVAC systems so that everyone, from your customers to your employees are comfortable. We offer commercial HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance services. We understand that as a restaurant you need cooling systems, so if your cooling system goes out suddenly, we also offer emergency commercial HVAC repair. Taking care of people is your job, and ours is taking care of your commercial HVAC systems.

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Multi-Residential HVAC Services

Atlantic Comfort Systems in Rhode Island specializes in multi-residential HVAC systems, which are heating and cooling for apartment complexes, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, dormitories, hotels, hospitals, high rises, and more. Our years of experience and expertise allow our HVAC specialists to diagnose and repair your heating and cooling systems, which can be complex just by their sheer size. We'll work diligently to have a solution so that your residents can have their comfort returned expeditiously. We also offer multi-family HVAC installation and help with pre-construction planning to ensure your new residents are taken care of.

Commercial & Residential Noise Abatement

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Noise abatement is the steps taken to ensure noise levels mitigated near highways for those who live by a loud highway. Noise abatement can also be soundproofing for those who live in multi-residential buildings. Atlantis Comfort Systems understands that you not only want a quiet environment in which to live, but you also want to ensure your hearing is protected. We offer commercial and residential noise abatement services to ensure your comfort, too.

Commercial & Residential Ductwork

Ductwork is the hidden avenues that air flows through your home, both heated and cooled air. It's a very important component of your HVAC system and is one that should be cared for as well. Ductwork can be a place where contaminants and pollutants congregate due to the fact that the air that is flowing through your ductwork deposits these components it's carrying. Residential and commercial ductwork needs to be regularly cleaned in order to ensure the best internal air environment for you.


Commercial Construction Fit Out & Design Build

Commercial construction fit out refers to the process of making a commercial build fit the client. A shell is usually designed, incorporating HVAC, plumbing, restrooms, elevator, ceilings, and flooring. Then lighting, shelving, and more is added until the space is ready to be moved in by the tenant. Most of these are for new construction commercial building spaces, although renovations can be done as well.


Atlantis Comfort Systems serves the residents of Rhode Island with the best HVAC services, including air conditioning installation and repair, furnace repair and installation, and maintenance services for your heating and cooling systems. We also offer ductwork and commercial fit-out design as well. Our mission is to ensure you are comfortable in your home environment by ensuring the air in your home is the right temperature. For over 10 years, we've been serving Rhode Island, and our expert HVAC technicians offer quick service at affordable prices. We promote energy-efficiency and offer energy retrofitting services as well to help our customers save money and help the environment. We love what we do, and we always offer friendly service you can trust. Call our HVAC company today to get started!