Residential HVAC Installation & Retrofits

"All the benefits of a large commercial quality contractor on a smaller scale for your personal residence. Atlantis Comfort has been committed to the residential market for 40 years and works with some of the best builders in the State. We have a dedicated division who specializes in residential new construction installations and existing residential retrofits." The delivery of a 100% certified system with all equipment items started and operationally verified, all test and balance reports scrutinized, and all control sequences documented means that your system will produce the designed and desired results. As a certified test and balance contractor and a certified controls contractor, Atlantis Comfort has the tools to insure system performance.

Estimate Job Cost

Job cost management is critical to the delivery process. Atlantis Comfort will come out and visit your property and evaluate your needs to make the best recommendations for your project. We will calculate the load (tons needed), design the system and give you options from good, better to best depending on what you are trying to accomplish and your budget.


Atlantis Comfort Field Installation Verification will make the start-up process go smoother for the the General Contractor who can rest assured that they have hired a competent and thorough HVAC subcontractor. This will increase the GC opportunity to procure repeat business with the owner.


Atlantis Comfort has done new construction and existing construction retrofits throughout Rhode Island. We know the codes, methods and techniques to have our projects run smoothly and on time. For what we do we are the cheapest in town and our track record of satisfied clients is extensive.

Quality Control

All residential projects are then checked by one of our field supervisor's to ensure quality and attention to detail.