Design Build

Office looking at Plans

When the customer requires guaranteed system performance and building comfort at the lowest first cost in the shortest period of time, they select the Atlantis comfort Design Build approach.

This allows us to focus all of our engineering and construction capabilities on providing the customer with the best end value and guaranteed performance and costs up front.

Design Build is the highest value service that we provide our customers.

Our project construction team provide pre construction services that establish an efficient mechanical system design and constructability evaluation, taking into account operation and maintenance requirements, practical construction methods and most importantly the customers First Cost and Return on Investment (ROI) requirements.

The Design Build process utilized by Atlantis comfort is geared to quality and specified end performance based on an up-front agreed-upon scope for a guaranteed final price at completion.

Atlantis Comfort has earned an unparalleled reputation for successful project delivery by emphasizing:

  • Early scope analysis
  • Early and accurate budgets
  • Guaranteed maximum price project delivery
  • Defined, high standards of construction
  • Energy efficiency and system maintainability
  • The latest technology in mechanical systems
  • Immediate problem solving with customer input
  • Early construction starts and project completion

By coordinating the efforts of the various subcontractors with other team members, Atlantis Comfort helps to achieve the greatest economy at the highest quality possible. Atlantis Comfort will refine the conceptual system design to complement both the Architect and Owners' needs and satisfy the Owners' goals for building quality, comfort, and reliability. It is our belief that "an up-front, collaborative process provides the opportunity, in the pre-construction phase of a project, to better define both the Owners' end cost and scope. By understanding the Owners' priorities, this sets the standard for the job and with a non-adversarial construction approach, offers Owners the best opportunity to receive the best value."

A typical Atlantis Comfort design engineering approach begins with an understanding of Owners' needs and objectives and cost estimates based on preliminary building outlines. It then progresses to an accurate system design in which all mechanical requirements are determined. Extensive energy and cost analyses are performed for all Atlantis Comfort designs to ensure the maximum yield on the customer's investment. A final construction cost estimate gives the Owner a hard budget for the final systems. This approach culminates with a rigorous commissioning process that validates system performance.